Mega corporations are often accused of attempting to destroy the world just so they can make an extra buck or two. It is easy for filmmakers and television producers to make audiences gather behind and hate, not always justifiably though. However some of these corporations do partake in some rather unethical practices. Here is a list of eight television corporations who may be trying to destroy the world. 

Veridan Dynamics, "Better Off Ted."

"Better Off Ted" is a sitcom that depicts the antics of working within a mindless and evil corporation with the company at the heart of the show entitled Veridan Dynamics. This collection of bureaucrats have created some pretty crazy creatures that include a 6 foot tall manic chicken and a weaponized pumpkins. It might not be close to ending the world but someone could still really hurt themselves.

Massive Dynamic, "Fringe."

The slogan of this company is "What do we do? What don't we do?" A rather ominous and foreboding message to those who want to do business with the corporation. "Fringes" evil company prides itself on the attempts it has made to improve human existence and uphold the highest level of scientific excellence. So if a few people need to killed along the way, so be it.

Altrucel, "How I Met Your Mother."

Barney Stinson is one of the most prolific ladies men in the history of television but he works for a evil conglomeration who over the shows series have made a wide variety of evil products that have included weapons for war and the yellow fuzzy stuff on tennis balls. It has even scuppered Ted's love life along the way too.

LuthorCorp, "Smallville."

We all know that Lex Luther ultimately turns out to be one hell of a bad ass later in his life but Luthercorp has long been the home to many purveyors of indecency. This has included Lionel Luthor and Tess Mercer. Lionel was basically able to take over the world by fusing the corporation with the Metropolis underworld. Kids if you are reading, crime does pay.

Phicorp, "Torchwood."

"Torchwood" has established itself as the premiere homosexual action show with its lead star John Barrowman the reason for much of this. In the shows episode Miracle Day features the company Phicorp, a major pharmaceutical company that ultimately begins to basically start running the world. Evil bastards.

Dharma Initiative, "Lost."

The mystery of "Lost" was so deep and mesmerizing that it became one of the most popular shows in television history. The exploits of the 22 surviving members of the plane crash of the island were pretty interesting but without Dharma the show would have been nothing.

The Company, "Heroes."

The Company was designed to identify, monitor and study individuals with genetically-derived special abilities yet its ambitions turn out to be very cynical and it begins to slowly put a strangle hold on the world. Plus, Eric Roberts was one of the big bosses, and you know that's not necessarily a good sign for your company's future. At least H.R.G. got out of there, though.

Tech Con Group, "Stargate SG-1."

This company may not be as evil as the others on the list but the "Tech Con Group" are still a major conglomerate that make a variety of products as well as owning the planet's major TV station. There must be one evil person working there I'm sure.