8 Terrible Game Show Ideas That Somehow Got Made

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Actually still airing, G4‘s Hurl! challenges contestants to eat a really heavy meal before partaking in a situation that is prone to make them vomit. Those who are able to keep it in without puking all over the GD place walk away with cash prizes.

BOB: Hey Norm! Where’d you get the new car?

NORM: I ate a bunch of chili right before going on a trampoline and didn’t puke on national television. So I got this car.

BOB: That’s awesome!

NORM: I did sh*t myself though.


NORM: No. Just now.

BOB: I’m going back in my house.


2007’s Temptation suffers from the misfortune of looking like it was produced in the 1970’s. Just look at the theme song, set design, and crap-pile prizes. It’s trippy to watch because the contestants all look modern. It’s like a wormhole opened, but instead of a bounty from the future, people from Fresno are given the opportunity to strain their brains to answer general knowledge questions.

The Chair with John McEnroe

Hosted by John McEnroe, The Chair challenged contestants to keep their cool during mounting levels of stress. Hooked up to a heart-rate monitor, contestants in the chair would be faced with all manner of distracting occurrences. Flour to the face, loud noises, a bee hive dangled before them, and Johnny Mac serving tennis balls toward their face to name a few.

Man, I hate flour to the face. I swear I’m going to torch this mother if anyone puts flour in my face!

The show was canceled after struggling to find an audience, even though it was our best bet to see someone die on television.

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