8 Terrible Game Show Ideas That Somehow Got Made

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Think Fast

The rules of eligibility for hosting Nickelodeon‘s Think Fast are simple. You must be able to juggle. Live in Florida. Be really weird around kids. And never ask for an additional take. No prior experience with being organized or knowing the rules of the game is needed. Contestant challenges include putting up with Michael Carrington and identifying random items by smell while blindfolded.

Rock n’ Roll Jeopardy

If there’s one thing that is decidedly not rock n’ roll, it’s Jeopardy! VH1 tried to use the established name of Jeopardy! and inject it with 50,000 watts of cool by twisting the game into a music trivia game. Before finding success starving people on an island, Jeff Probst hosted. Despite it’s rock n’ roll puns and posturing, it just didn’t strike a chord with viewers.

Set For Life

Trying to capitalize on the success of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Deal Or No Deal, USA Network drove a truck of money to Jimmy Kimmel‘s house before backing away cautiously on foot. In return, he showed up at the studio to host this game where contestants must wear a winkle-free button-up and remove different colored flashlights from tubes in the hopes that they can earn enough money to support them for the rest of their life.

As an added challenge, loved ones are given full control of the contestants financial future, which could cost them millions of dollars. That won’t make Easter weird or anything.

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