8 Terrible Game Show Ideas That Somehow Got Made

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Enjoy your consolation prize. 

There are a few game shows that are so much more than mere trivia challenges. They’re institutions. Spinning and buzzing and gonging in households everywhere. Shows like Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune have enjoyed long runs, beginning back in the 1970’s. Then there are the shows that aren’t as well-received. Be it issues with the host, the quality, or the concept, more are apt to fail than they are to succeed.

Usually, the problem just boils down to a really dumb idea in the first place. As such, these are the game shows that didn’t meet America’s impossibly high quiz show standards. May they burn in Hell for it.

Win, Lose, or Draw

When I think of Pictionary, the last thing I think about is Burt Reynolds. But all that proves is that I don’t think about Burt Reynolds as often as Burt Reynolds does. Win, Lose or Draw was a Burt Reynolds-produced “game” show that he used as an excuse to show off his Florida ranch, horses and wife. Who would think that the man who once slapped a reporter for having not seen The Longest Yard would be so vain? He’s clearly also a man of the people, having invited residents of his town (possibly at slap-point?) to come watch him pout about being so bad at Pictionary.

Things really pick up when he frustratedly yells at his wife after his garbageman and a teenaged Jason Bateman can’t decipher his haphazard black-face scribble as meaning “gorilla.” This is remedied by his wife’s fearful gushing about how perfect he is (just not at Pictionary). If you’re open to a pointer, Burt, you already drew the Empire State Building. Just add a gorilla to that.

Going forward, I don’t want to see Burt Reynolds’ horses or the place where he has his orgasms.

The Meow-Mix Think Like A Cat Game Show

The Meow-Mix Think Like A Cat Game Show sounds amazing. Not amazing in the sense that it sounds good. But more amazing in the fact that it pulls together only terrible ingredients and still somehow ended up on television. The premise is simpl(y retarded)e. Eight cats and their honors compete for a prize of $1 million. This is why India hates us. India hates us, right?

The cats race down tubes to an open can of cat food. The top three winners advance to the next round, Cat Jeopardy. One team is dismissed after this round, and the third demonstrates how well an owner knows their cat. The final round sees a cat surrounded by bags of dry food. The cat selects one and the owner selects another. If both contain the same symbol hidden inside, the duo wins $1 million. Like a cat needs that much money.

Celebrity judges include folks who love money like The Soprano’s Vincent Pastore. Hosted by Chuck Woolery.

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