It’s hard for directors and writers to create a clever movie twist. It’s got to come out of nowhere, yet have traces in the story that’s just been. It needs to shock and jerk viewers but still keep them interested in the narrative they’re watching. Of course, most filmmakers fail in their attempts to do this. So, here are the 8 worst movie twists that cinema has ever produced.

“X-Men : The Last Stand”

Brett Ratner is about as subtle as an assault. And after replacing Bryan Singer as the honcho of the superhero series for its final installment so the “Rush Hour” director decided to go big. By killing off Professor X. Unfortunately he brought him back at the end by showing he had telepathically transported to another body. What a cop-out.

“The Village”

M. Night Shyamalan made a name for himself as a director who quite liked a twist. Most of the time he did it well. With “The Village” he failed miserably. Oh, they live in modern times. Yeah, we worked out that out about half an hour ago. It was never going to beat "The Sixth Sense" anyway.


Is there a more overused twist than the revelation that it’s all in the protagonists mind? No, there’s not. And it’s a rubbish and idiotic cinematic element to use, so it should be. “Identity” almost bores you to death before doing this though, so it has literally no redeeming features.

“The Forgotten”

Julianne Moore is always watchable. Anytime she appears in a film she instantly makes it better. “The Forgotten” sees her search for her stolen child whilst everyone else she knows thinks that she has gone insane. It's a great way for Moore to show off her various acting chops and it’s emotional, taut and – wait, aliens took her kid? Scratch that, it’s crap.


Not Pixar, surely they can’t do anything wrong? Oh yes, their latest installment to their immense animation cannon is OK without every threatening to be a "Toy Story 2" or "Ratatouille" up until it turns one of its main protagonists into a bear. Morons. They’re still aces though.

“Planet of the Apes.”

An American Abe Lincoln. No? Of course not, because it makes no sense. Not even Marky Mark could save it.


Aliens. They can travel across the galaxies for thousands of decades, but they can’t handle a little water apparently. Also couldn’t they look a bit prettier too? At least put some make-up on them. Who do we have to blame for this? M. Night Shyamalan of course. He'll probably be working in a McDonalds by 2013. 

“Secret Window”

Split personality. Really? Surely, Johnny Depp and Robert De Niro in “Hide and Seek” are much much much better than this. And these films came out just months apart too! Give me hoards of sequels over this any day of the week.