Game shows are wonderful entertainment. They have a terrible reputation for being poorly produced pieces of trash television but there is sometimes nothing more engrossing than watching a overweight woman from Kansas who has just won $2,000. It's even better than a well crafted piece of drama that has been directed by the new Steven Spielberg. Of course to make these shows so interesting they have to be filled with crazy characters. And boy, have these shows done that. Here is a list of the eight craziest game show contestants to ever be show on the airwaves.

Michael Larsen

Michael Larsen needed to be crazy to win his prize on "Press Your Luck." Larsen memorized the show's entire game board patterns in order to secure his winnings. However his prize money was soon lost when his wife emptied the account and kept the money in their home where they were eventually robbed. If that's not enough, Bill Murray was rumoured to be starring in a biopic of Larsen. And he always plays sane characters doesn't he?

Steve Martin

Now Steve Martin's appearance on "The Dating Game" in 1968 is nothing out of the extraordinary. He is charming, funny and engaging with him even sprouting the line that he is a "wild, free, do anything" kind of guy. He even wins the girl! But it is his actions later in his career which help to remind us just how crazy he can be.

Betty White

Little Betty White, so small, frail and perfect that she couldn't possibly hurt a fly even if she wanted too. Well, on a 1989 episode of Super Password, Betty became so frustrated with teammates failure's that she actually threw a toaster across the game show set. Betty White, the original diva.

John Carpenter

Carpenter came across as a lovely man with no problems whatsoever during his performance of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," but the furore which surround being the first millionaire of this game show was so intense that he came across as a mad man for just being so damn smart.

Ken Jennings

Another occasion when someone's intelligence has made them look a little bit loco. Ken Jennings was a softly spoken software engineer who became a permanent fixture on "Jeopardy" for 75 straight episodes. His winnings stacked up to an incredible $2.5 million, answering close to 2,700 correct replies. He must have been a little crazy.

Bill Maher & Erik Estrada

Bill Maher has annoyed many people in his time, to the point where he probably expected to get hit in the face by at least one person. But I doubt he would have guessed that Erik Estrada would be the man throwing punches at him. When celebrating getting a question correct the "CHiPs star was so ecstatic that he accidently punched the comedian in the nose. He should have seen it coming.

Curtis Warren, Greed

Warren dominated the game show "Greed" to such an extent that he was invited back to play for $1 million. Of course, it was only right that the Phil Spector look a like would end up becoming the show's richest ever winner. But despite his fortune his general demeanor is still really creepy.

Family Feud's Feuding Family

"During what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?" Buzz! "Not October?" It was probably an innocent mistake, a slip of the brain if you will, but this contestants unexpected actor led Richard Dawson to laugh in hysterics for a clear five minutes. And she will always be regarded as slightly insane because of it.