8 Cast Changes That Make Us Shake With Rage

Monday, October 24 by

Pick One – M*A*S*H*

My personal least favorite is replacing Trapper John with BJ Hunnicut, but the addition of Charles Winchester to the show wasn’t so hot either. In any event, the show goes from merely slow and boring to completely maudlin and irritating around the nanosecond we’re left with Alan Alda alternating between making stupid faces and espousing respect for women and whoever he’s paired with that week. Oh, and Beej — no one had moustaches in 1950. What the hell are you? Some kind of communist hop head?

Hall of Famer – Ted McGinley on Anything

He’s known as the sitcom kiss of death, which is a little much. Still, no article about bad casting replacement choices would be complete without a reference to Mr. Ted McGinley. At this point we’re pretty sure any time there are casting changes afoot the producer just gets on the horn with Ted’s agent and tells him what’s what.

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