So Ashton replaced Charlie and Two and a Half Men is tanking. We’d care more if the show weren’t so damn stupid to begin with. Replacing characters on a TV show is a pretty clear sign that its days are numbered. Still, some shows have soldiered on despite losing key members of their cast. It’s not really ever a good idea, but it does sometimes “work,” whatever that means. Here are seven examples of bad cast change choices that made us particularly angry.

Dos Beckys - Roseanne

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As if the original Becky weren’t irritating enough, the people who brought you John Goodman being fat as fuck decided to replace Becky. Yes, yes, hurr durr, they make jokes about it. Yawwwwwwwwwwn. Don’t care. This is a pretty good demarcation point for when the show goes from uncomfortable to unbearable.

Growing Pains vs. Family Ties: Magical Aging Cage Match

Even when I was eight-years old I was grotesquely offended by the magical aging of television children. Did the producers of Family Ties really expect us to not notice that Brian Bonsall turned from a glowing baby child to a surly grown up with throat tattoos overnight? Oh wait... that was later. Either way, not to be outdone, Growing Pains decided to ape what Family Ties was doing again and age a baby into an irritating ginger girl who looked like she was cloned from one of Shirley Temple’s curls.

Two Aunt Vivs - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Don’t believe the hype: Apparently the first Aunt Vivian was fired because Will Smith hated her. Kind of weird, considering he wasn’t the jug-eared, crypto-Scientologist power player we all know and love today. Apparently the two didn’t get along and Smith used her pregnancy as a convenient excuse to get her thrown off the show. He replaced her with someone who shared his belief in silent birth so that the new Banks child could be ushered into the show body thetan free.

Stabler Walks And They Replace Him With Who The F*ck Cares Law and Order : SVU

America’s favorite rape sitcom, Law and Order: SVU finally parted ways with Chris Miloni, a guy who got his role on Oz by stripping naked and pissing into a bucket before producers. Don’t know who replaced him, don’t care. The show was irritating enough every time he’d start with his “I gotta get home to see Kathy and the kids,” but we’d forgive him, because the dude was Keller and that commands respect around these parts. If anyone’s watching SVU these days, feel free to hit us up and tell us how bad the show is now.

I Knew Mr. Roper. I Served With Mr. Roper. You, Don Knotts, Are No Mr. Roper - Three’s Company

It’s hard to choose a single ghastly replacement out of so many on Three’s Company. We get why the producers would think shipping off the Ropers to their own show was a good idea. The interactions between the elderly married couple were comedy gold, to say nothing of the constant warfare between Mr. Roper and Jack Tripper. Still, replacing him with the Incredible Mr. Limpet stands out as the worst recasting choice on a show known for bad recasting choices. And hey -- does anyone remember the episode where there was a big misunderstanding and wacky comic hijinx ensued?

Pick One - M*A*S*H*

My personal least favorite is replacing Trapper John with BJ Hunnicut, but the addition of Charles Winchester to the show wasn’t so hot either. In any event, the show goes from merely slow and boring to completely maudlin and irritating around the nanosecond we’re left with Alan Alda alternating between making stupid faces and espousing respect for women and whoever he’s paired with that week. Oh, and Beej -- no one had moustaches in 1950. What the hell are you? Some kind of communist hop head?

Hall of Famer - Ted McGinley on Anything

He’s known as the sitcom kiss of death, which is a little much. Still, no article about bad casting replacement choices would be complete without a reference to Mr. Ted McGinley. At this point we’re pretty sure any time there are casting changes afoot the producer just gets on the horn with Ted’s agent and tells him what’s what.