8 Cast Changes That Make Us Shake With Rage

Monday, October 24 by
“Sh’yeah, right. As if we wouldn’t notice.” - Wayne Cambpell 

So Ashton replaced Charlie and Two and a Half Men is tanking. We’d care more if the show weren’t so damn stupid to begin with. Replacing characters on a TV show is a pretty clear sign that its days are numbered. Still, some shows have soldiered on despite losing key members of their cast. It’s not really ever a good idea, but it does sometimes “work,” whatever that means. Here are seven examples of bad cast change choices that made us particularly angry.

Dos Beckys – Roseanne

As if the original Becky weren’t irritating enough, the people who brought you John Goodman being fat as fuck decided to replace Becky. Yes, yes, hurr durr, they make jokes about it. Yawwwwwwwwwwn. Don’t care. This is a pretty good demarcation point for when the show goes from uncomfortable to unbearable.

Growing Pains vs. Family Ties: Magical Aging Cage Match

Even when I was eight-years old I was grotesquely offended by the magical aging of television children. Did the producers of Family Ties really expect us to not notice that Brian Bonsall turned from a glowing baby child to a surly grown up with throat tattoos overnight? Oh wait… that was later. Either way, not to be outdone, Growing Pains decided to ape what Family Ties was doing again and age a baby into an irritating ginger girl who looked like she was cloned from one of Shirley Temple’s curls.

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