In case you missed it, I called it: The Playboy Club was the first casualty of the 2011 fall lineup. Sadly, at least for the producers and people with a bunny costume fetish, the show probably would have done really well on HBO, Showtime or even Starz. Here are eight more shows cancelled before their time, not necessarily because they needed bare tits, but because of network committee-think and dumbing down, which is basically everything we’ve come to expect from television, the bargain basement of entertainment.

Skins (MTV)

A show about promiscuous teenagers on a network for promiscuous teenagers. What could possibly go wrong? Well, this is still America, the place where we’re supposed to pretend no one has sex until the age of 35 or so. MTV’s advertising campaign centered on the question of how they would adapt this notoriously racy British comedy (please, stop saying “Britcom”). The show got a TV-MA rating, meaning that most of the cast aren’t even supposed to watch it. Apparently, no one else did, either, the combination of controversy and having to pull punches for an American audience proving deadly.

Would Have Worked On: Skinemax. Duh.

Twin Peaks (ABC)

To be fair, this show hung around a lot longer than anyone might have expected a David Lynch television show to. Still, in the final analysis, broadcast network committee think butchered this show and wrapped it in plastic. Network suits insisted the pure MacGuffin of “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” be answered, resulting in plummeting ratings and an increasingly stupid show. They could have dragged the question out for at least three or four years, but the suits got their way and we lost one of the best shows in television history.

Would Have Worked On: “It’s not TV, it’s HBO.”

The Ben Stiller Show (Fox)

Ben Stiller has gotten progressively irritating over the years. Every year he makes about 20 annoying romantic comedies where he’s a befuddled man with bowel problems or whatever. His series, however, was brilliant. In the early 1990s, brilliant didn’t get you very far on network television. Fox axed this on faster than you can say Tropic Thunder.

Would Have Worked On: Ironically, FX.

The Tick (Fox)

In the 1990s, The Tick comic book was a quick name check to show people you were in the know. The animated series was perfect for legions of kids a little too smart for their own good. The live-action series should have been an epic success -- Patrick “Puddy” Warburton as the titular character was a stroke of genius. Still, Fox was unable to market the show properly and certainly wasn’t going to give it enough time to get traction. It lasted nine episodes before the ax fell.

Would Have Worked On: Comedy Central.

Life on Mars (ABC)

After Lost, ABC got a little cocky, thinking it could pull off another amazingly off-beat drama. Nope. Instead, we got Life on Mars. When a show has to go back to the drawing board before it even airs, you know you’re in trouble. The suits over at ABC bleated the old chestnut about how stupid American audiences are and how they don’t like ambiguity, and we got a pretty tame police procedural with dashes of science fiction. The end result was a sub-Quantum Leap (seriously, go rewatch it sometimes, we promise, it totally sucks) slice of leering nostalgia for an America that never was.

Would Have Worked On: SyFy. Sorry, that’s how they spell it now. Don’t blame us.

My So-Called Life (ABC)

Ok, whatever, the show is kind of for girls. The fact remains, My So-Called Life could have lasted more than 19 episodes had someone thought to air this somewhere other than ABC. Of course, back in the early-1990s, the whole cable TV show thing hadn’t really gone into full swing. We recommend giving this show a look-see so you have something to talk about on your next date with the hot hipster girl from your local café.

Would Have Worked On: MTV.

Frank’s Place (CBS)

No laugh track and a single camera is pretty par for the course in 2011. The only multi-camera laugh track shows left are on CBS and they’re for very old, very boring people. So it’s ironic that this short-lived comedy aired on the old folks’ network. A Brown University professor inherits a restaurant in New Orleans. Hijinks ensue. More than that, the show explored cultural differences between North and South, as well as the peculiarities of New Orleans before the Great Flood. Amazingly, this show lasted an entire season before the suits nixed it.

Would Have Worked On: NBC.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (Fox)

Like we need to tell you guys anything about this show. You probably have a mini-shrine in your closet to this short-lived, long-lamented Bruce Campbell vehicle.

Would Have Worked On: The big screen. That chin is too much for the boob tube to handle.

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