8 Bored To Death Quotes To Use While Talking About The Latest Issue Of The New Yorker

Friday, December 2 by Joseph Gibson

<a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/bored-to-death-443/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>bored to death</a> george” src=”http://media1.break.com/breakstudios/2011/11/17/bored to death george.jpg” /></p>
	<strong>"My feet feel really interesting in my shoes." </strong>Another gem from Ted <span data-scayt_word=Danson's character, this quote is a good way to describe the kind of chemical-assisted brain expansion that is common on the show. Part of being a literary intellectual is finding novel ways to describe things, and this "Bored to Death" quote definitely fits the bill.

"Lives don't change. We simply become more comfortable with our core misery, which is a form of happiness." Even the side characters on "Bored to Death" are wordsmiths. For example, here's a line from a psychologist who ends up being a part of a case that Jonathan is investigating. And by "case" we mean "he dropped a screenplay he was supposed to read behind his couch." This is a pretty good quote to use on someone who's hung up on making a big change in his life in order to become "happy." Sure, he might punch you, but you still will have seemed fairly intelligent.

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