Hemlock Grove is a town with secrets. Though it appears sleepy and idyllic on the surface, there's more than bump going on in the night. Someone or something is killing young women and leaving the parts it didn't eat on public display. And that's just the first five minutes.

From there, we're introduced to a truly mysterious town with such oddities as witchcraft, lycanthropy, gigantism, immaculate conception, and Famke Janssen. Seriously, she's way too hot to live in a small town. Women as hot as Famke Janssen typically live in medium-to-large cities. This is because attractive women get free stuff in large cities whereas the delicate economic balance of Smalltown, USA finds gifting to the very sexy too costly. #sorrynotsorry #itsbasiclogic

But anyway, back to Hemlock Grove, the new Netflix Original Series is as spooky as it is sexy and reintroduces small town mystery to the small screen. It's a classic trope that gets a refreshing breath of life, and it's available now for your binge viewing.

In celebration of Hemlock Grove, we take a look back at some of television's favorite small towns with deep, dark secrets.

Twin Peaks, Washington - Twin Peaks

Similar to Hemlock Grove, this quiet logging community was rocked by the murder of a beautiful young girl. This is the catalyst that brings Special Agent Dale Cooper to town where he finds the only thing stranger than the locals is the case itself. As the investigation progresses, the seedy underbelly of Twin Peaks is exposed and the secret double lives of the presumed innocent come to the forefront.

Because this is David Lynch, it's not exactly an open and shut mystery, leaving fans to ponder just what exactly happened to this day.

Eureka, Oregon - Eureka

The small and quaint Eureka appears to be a snapshot out of time. From the local diner to the one stoplight to the government complex located miles below ground where a bevy of top secret deadly projects occasionally escape and threaten the world. It's just like Mayberry, if Mayberry's residents suddenly spontaneously combusted with no discernible explanation.

Smallville, Kansas - Smallville

Who knew that the childhood home of Superman could be so dangerous? Thanks to a hail of kryptonite meteors, the farmlands of Smallville have mutated into a hot bed of super-human activity and strange phenomena. Conveniently, this prequel series presupposes that Lex Luthor and Clark Kent go way, way back. Almost to the days when Lex still had hair.

Eerie, Indiana - Eerie, Indiana

What if the events depicted in the pages of the Weekly World News were all true? And what if they all occurred in the same town? What if that town were in Indiana? Sadly, this inventive show about "the center of weirdness for the universe" was ahead of its time and only lasted for one very weird season.

Sunnydale, California - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sunnydale is just like any other California town in the 1990's. Bad hair. Questionable fashion choices. Terrible music. A Hellmouth spitting out vampires, curses, strange incantations, and various forms of demons on a weekly basis. Typical California.

Woodbury, Georgia -The Walking Dead

Woodbury appears as a port in the storm after the zombie apocalypse destroys society in The Walking Dead. Seemingly pulled from the picture perfect towns of the 1950's (except for the tall walls surrounded by shambling corpses), Woodbury's problems are caused by the ego of their self-appointed leader, The Governor.

The sadist who promises safe haven has extreme ways of dealing with those he feels could prove to be a threat. Those who let their guard down most often end up becoming trophies in his macabre man-cave.

Perfection, Nevada - Tremors: The Series

The dusty desert town of Perfection, NV, doesn't have much going for it in the way of excitement. At least not until prehistoric worms awaken beneath the Earth and begin eating the local residents. Throw in the added threats of failed government experiments, mad scientists, ruthless real-estate developers, and various mutations and you've got yourself a series, one that somehow finds a way to have people eaten week after week in a town that already only has a population of about eleven.