Bikers are given something of a poor reputation by television and film productions. Well, the Hells Angels didn't do them any favors either, just ask all those people at that Rolling Stones concert back in the day. But some bikers are pretty nice guys too. They just happen to have long hair, a scraggly beard and wear a large amount of leather. Here are some TV versions of bikers which will make you warm to the automobile connoisseurs. Here are seven TV Bikers who rode into the sunset.

Jax Teller, "Sons of Anarchy"

"Sons of Anarchy" depicts a Californian-based motorcycle gang that gets its money from the black market arms trade. So of course they encounter some shady characters along the way. Yet some of the bikers have some pretty strong morals and actually corroborate with the community and local police. Jax is one of the characters who begins to change his outlook on life when he becomes the father to two children. He still looks like a mess though.

Ice, "Arrested Development"

Ice is a party organizer/bounty hunter which the latter actually funding the former. Ice makes a competent party organizer when he arranges a vast array of delicacies for the revelation that George Sr. has perished. Still, he seems rather contented with his career decision and looks pretty dapper riding that hog.

"Northern Exposure"

Ruth-Anne Miller, played by Peg Phillips, is the lovely owner of the general store who has resided in Cicely for 30 years and when she falls in with a Hells Angel type of gang the locals are most perplexed. However later they are just revealed to be a group of middle-aged professionals. Who aren't nearly as dangerous, as it turns out. Still, Ruth can hang either way, right?

"Good Luck Charlie"

The Disney Channel is the least likely place you would expect to find Bikers depicted. Yet on "Good Luck Charlie", the shows main protagonists P.J and Bob meet a gruff biker who originally does threaten to hurt the duo but ultimately weeps like a little girl when Bob reveals his wife is about to give birth. Understandable really, as these guys are noted for their sensitivity.

"The Hairy Bikers"

These guys look the part. They ride some gnarly motorbikes. Wear copious amount of leather. Are over-weight. Bearded. And probably smell too. But they are both chefs who present a cooking show. And guess what? The food is actually pretty damned appetizing, even if you'd wish the chefs would put a hair net over their beards. Still, you can't win every battle, can you?

Paul Teutal Sr. & Jr., "American Chopper"

Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. are two motorcycle enthusiasts who manufacture their own custom motorcycles. They both look the part and are often at each others throats because of their different attitudes and the deadlines which have to build the choppers. Yet they still come across as a pair of lovely men. The drama may be a little (or more than a little) manufactured for the cameras, but the bikes are damn cool.

Ewan McGregor, "Long Way Round"

Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boardman travel a 19,00 mile journey from London to New York on motorcycles. Making the trip eastwards through Europe and Asia they ride a BMW motorcycle and KTM respectively and have several accidents and incidents along the way which includes the Star Wars star having petrol sprayed into his eyes.