7 Things We Know About ‘Community’ Season 3

Thursday, September 22 by

4. They Might Have Something To Prove

Joel McHale, ever the prankster, took to celebrating the cast and crew’s return for season three with this inspirational banner.

Of course, it’s comedy and the Emmys, so no one really gives a shit. But maybe they’ll model themselves after that bastion of 21st century art, Glee, and get some clean cut teenagers cover Rebecca Black songs. That’s great television.

3. Professor Chang Lays Down The Law

Senor Chang, played by The Hangover’s Ken Jeong, will find a further shift at Greendale, as he has gone from teacher to student to…campus security guard. What does this mean? Not even God knows, but the official synopsis states Chang will experience a “questionable appointment to campus security.” Is there any action you can take with Chang that doesn’t automatically become questionable?

2. There’s Singing. There’s Dancing.

In what one can only assume is a send up of variety shows and other crap, this season three promo video shows the group getting their hustle and flow on with a high-spirited song and dance number that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about crappy, shoehorned musical numbers.

1. John Goodman’s On For Six Episodes

As Vice Dean Laybourne, who is the head of Greendale’s prestigious Air Conditioner Repair school, John Goodman will be hassling the study group. Goodman never seems to step into light-hearted roles, so expect him to cause some grief for the gang. But don’t worry. I have it on good authority that they persevere.

Except for Abed. He dies at the end of the season.

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