7 Things We Know About ‘Community’ Season 3

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Same ole', same ole' 

Community, with its low ratings and critical acclaim, is coming back to NBC for season three. In two short years, it’s made a name for itself as one of the most inventive shows on television, utilizing claymation for last year’s Christmas episode and ending both seasons with reference-packed paintball episodes that people are still talking about.

Looking forward to season 3, we don’t know exactly what they’ll do in terms of plot and story, but we know we’ve got a huge song-and-dance number kicking off the first scene of the season premiere, and a roster of guest stars that bring the awesome.

Let’s take a look at seven things we do know about Community’s upcoming season.

7. Jeff Could Resolve Some Daddy Issues

Jeff (Joel McHale) has had some issues with his until-now absent father on the show, but it looks like things between the two will come to a head. As McHale states, “I know that my father will become present in the series.

Although producers would love to see Bill Murray take on the role of Jeff’s father, McHale claims that nothing is set in stone, saying “I know that they would like to get him, that’d be great, but you know I don’t know anything more than that. So, I’m just going to go ahead and say that Jack Nicholson will be playing my father. Well, either Jack Nicholson or Joe Namath, I don’t know.”

Doesn’t matter, they’re pretty much the same guy anyway.

6. Martin Starr Will Be A Poli-Sci Professor

The Party Down and Apatow alum will be joining the Community faculty as a political science professor and, probably more importantly, a model UN advisor. Do they even have model U.N. in college? I thought that was an eighth-grade thing. Anyway, it’s unclear exactly which Martin Starr we’ll be getting. The embittered jerk from Party Down? The quiet weirdo from Knocked Up? Some freaky normal Martin Starr character with which we are not familiar?

Only time will tell.

5. Omar Comin’!

In what we can only pray is a reprisal of his Omar role from The Wire (though unlikely considering how things turned out for him there), Michael K. Williams will also be joining the faculty of Greendale. While he will be playing a teacher, don’t expect him to fit the mold of an academic, as his character will be “an ex-con who teachers the study group’s biology class.”


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