7 Surprisingly Insensitive Political Ads

Thursday, February 9 by

Sharron Angle

This clip is actually a collection of Sharron Angle promos all saying the same things: Illegal immigrants will move across the border, join dangerous violent gangs, then kill your entire family. Or maybe just make you live in fear.

Sharron Angle definitely doesn’t think they’ll contribute to society by performing menial tasks cheaply, thus allowing us to continue to enjoy the goods and services we love at affordable prices.


He may be out of the election, but he’s still taking up residency in our hearts and minds, as his righteous ads bitching about how gays can openly serve in the military, but kids get beaten with reeds if they so much as say “Santa” in school.

They always say “finish with your best material and leave ‘em wanting more.” Well, this is our best material, and regardless of what you thought of Perry, it’s a shame we don’t have those batshit crazy ads to make fun of anymore.

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