7 Surprisingly Insensitive Political Ads

Thursday, February 9 by
They might want to reconsider their organizational structure.  

Pete Hoekstra, a Michigan senate candidate, has made quite a name for himself since his campaign ad aired on Super Bowl sunday (not nationally, of course). It’s not making news because he’s a lovable underdog, or he’s got an innovative way of looking at job creation or whatever else Michigan senators worry about. No, this ad stands out because it’s very, very racist.

I could describe how it’s racist, but that’s sort of like describing why a joke is funny. It’s better if you just see for yourself.

See? It’s racist! And more importantly, it’s a pretty stupid ad.

Well, for all the hell that Pete Hoekstra is catching, and it’s a lot, he’s not alone when it comes to leveraging racial stereotypes and insensitivity to get elected to office.

Yeah, it seems counterproductive to me too, but what do I know?

Tim James

Tim James thinks the best way to save money is to give all those driver’s license exams in English. All those other languages are bullshit in Alabama. Alabamans speak English. It just makes sense to him.

(stares pensively at ground, looks up)

“Does it to you?”

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