7 Shows That Remained On-Air Despite Low Ratings

Tuesday, November 15 by
Hang on, guys! 

Television is a fickle bitch. As such, many shows are canceled far too soon. Like Manimal.  I’m still reeling about that one.

This happens for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, audiences don’t take to it as they should, or it’s marketed incorrectly and the audiences doesn’t know about it in the first place. Other times, however, there are shows that the critics love that still have trouble finding their audience. And from time to time, the critical praise (and awards) help to keep the show around longer than it would normallylast. We hope this is the case with Community and it is granted a stay of execution. It’s one of the best comedies on television (although a little high on itself) and deserves more watchers. If the shows listed below were given second and third chances, Community should get one as well.

Arrested Development

Arrested Development shows up on just about every best television list. Rightfully so. Despite the quality of the program, Fox just couldn’t get anyone to watch. However, they were willing to do something so un-Fox and allow the show to stay on the air in the hopes that strong word of mouth would bolster the ratings. Of course, moving its time slot without sufficient promoting didn’t help that. Still, it was allowed to air for two and a half seasons with low ratings before the final episodes were harshly screened with no notice on a Friday opposite the Olympics. Oh, Fox.


Shockingly, Fox didn’t cancel Dollhouse when they had every reason to. The first season sucked and the ratings dropped as a result of that. But the network must have felt it owed Joss Whedon after dumping Firefly, so they were willing to roll the dice on his revised approach for season two. The series came back much-improved, but ended up not finding its audience. Can’t say they didn’t try, though.

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