Friends popularity amongst American viewers was astronomical. People stayed in rather than drink with their own buddies so that they could catch up with the latest goings on at Central Perk. When it departed from our screens it left a gaping hole not only on NBC's schedule but in America's heart. Of course many networks have attempted to replicate the show's success. They have created their own Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel and Monica knock offs. Here is a list of seven shows like Friends that failed miserably.


Friends attempt to create their own Frasier failed so terribly that it actually damaged it's predecessor. By taking Joseph away from his comrades you were just left with a womanizer who couldn't get an acting job if his life depended on it.

"Baby Bob."

Bob was a talking baby whose talents were kept secret by his deluded parents who then abused them for his advantage. They are probably lucky that they were reported to social services for their actions.

"Yes, Dear."

Two couples, Kim and Greg and Christine and Jimmy, who are both very different kind of parents live in the same house. And that is about as funny as it gets. Yet it ran for 6 seasons. Sometimes television just depresses me.

"Veronicas Closet."

Kirstie Alley's last foray into the sitcom world before she piled on the pounds and became the talk of the tabloids was this diabolically unfunny comedy. Veronica is a romance expert who can't find her own man. Just that description makes me feel ill.

"That 80s Show."

Made as an alternative to "That 70s Show", Fox quickly realized that the 80's was a much duller time and the show's joke primarily revolved around everyone's terrible fashion ensemble and the onset of the aids virus. Not too much of the latter to be honest.


Pamela Anderson running a bookstore? What more could anyone want from a sitcom. Oh ....


"Coupling." This remake of the popular UK comedy struggled for several reasons. Terrible casting and embarrassing scripts lead to it's downfall, with Doctor Who writer Stephen Moffat's version being instantly tarnished because of how poor this version was. Other than that it was pretty good.... really.