7 Seductive Supernatural Shows Like True Blood

Friday, February 17 by Sasha Mela

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	Over the past decade, more supernatural shows have sprung up than ever before. If the TV ratings are any indication, p<span data-scayt_word=eople love them! Shows like "True Blood" that show supernatural beings like vampires as seductive creatures are extremely popular, not to mention the hordes of movies that show similar fare. But it's not just blood-suckers that have audiences in a frenzy; indeed, all manner of supernatural phenomena are fertile ground for exciting TV. Here are our picks for shows like "True Blood" that are just as seductive and supernatural.

1. "Vampire Diaries"


Elena Gilbert just lost her both her parents in a horrific car crash—and if this wasn’t traumatic enough, she goes on to discover the existence of vampires in the same year. These vampires are very different than the vampires in "True Blood"; they can eat, walk in the sunlight, and are only teenagers. However, they have one important thing in common with the vampires in "True Blood"; they are incredibly sexy. The two main vampires are Damon and Stefan Salvatore. Stefan joins Elena’s high school and they both take a liking to each other. As the series unfolds we're introduced to witches, werewolves and even ghosts!

2. "Lost Girl"

New Los Girl.jpg

"Lost Girl" revolves around a supernatural woman, Bo, who can arouse people by touching them and suck the life out of them by kissing them. Talk about the kiss of death! She’s been on the run ever since she was eighteen, leaving behind a long trail of dead lovers. Her life takes a drastic turn for the better the day she meets Kenzie, her new sidekick and friend. Together they learn about the supernatural world around them and work as private investigators to solve supernatural cases with Bo’s powers.

3. "Roswell"


"Roswell" is a little older than the "Lost Girl" and it's but not any less seductive and supernatural. Based in Roswell, New Mexico the TV series shows the lives of several hot teenagers, half of which are aliens. They’re growing up together, learning new things about themselves and each other every day. Being so young they also get hot and heavy once in a while which brings new discoveries about their alien descent—sparks literally fly.

4. "Supernatural"


"Supernatural" follows two extremely attractive brothers, Sam and Dean Whinchester. Their mother died in a mysterious fire when they were both young, so they were constantly on the road with their father as he battled evil supernatural forces and taught them to do the same. One day, their father disappeared, so now they just have each other. They continue his work and travel across the country saving people from ghosts, demons and other supernatural creatures. Watching these handsome brothers fight with evil never gets old.

5. "Secret Circle"


"The Secret Circle" is a fairly new television show, but it already has a large following. The show starts when young Cassie’s mother is murdered and she has to live with her grandmother in the house her mother grew up in. She starts at a new school, makes new friends and starts a new life. Cassie soon discovers her parents were witches and (surprise!) so is she. But that’s not all; Cassie’s friends are also witches and none of their parents know of their abilities. Soon enough more secrets unfold about Cassie and her parents.

6. "Misfits"


Based in Bristol, England "Misfits" follows the lives of five juvenile delinquents. The day they start community service for their misdemeanors, a freak storm comes to the city giving them super powers relating to what they were thinking at the time. They continue their community service, trying to survive. They also discover other people in the city also got superpowers. Amidst all the supernatural crazy events, they hook up, break up and become friends for life.

7. "Charmed"


"Charmed" revolves around three beautiful sisters, who also happen to be witches. One day one of the sisters Phoebe discovers a spell book, the “Book of Shadows” in her childhood home. She reads the incantation on the book which activates the sisters’ powers. From that point on they start practicing spells, brewing potions and discovering their individual secret abilities. They try to live normal lives balancing love, career and witchcraft while battling the evil that comes from the Underworld.

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