Many of the female detectives on television are so similar that audiences might think they were separated at birth. It isn’t just that they look alike–it’s also that they play nearly identical roles. This is particularly true of the following seven roles for women that are so similar they could essentially be the same person.


D.C.I. Jane Timoney

Jane Timoney is a tough New York City detective on "Prime Suspect." Timoney is beautiful, athletic, intelligent and single. She is also one of the best detectives in her league. She is able to spot details her colleagues miss and is creative in the way she approaches investigations. Yet while she excels at her job, she also has many struggles. These extend to both her professional and personal life. Professionally, she battles sex-based stereotypes to compete against the men in her division. In her personal life, she struggles with her relationships. Combining work with romance causes her a great deal of difficulty. Timoney has a tragic past; her mother.


Georgina Dixon

Georgina Dixon of “Vexed” is single, tough, unusually beautiful and athletic. She is extraordinarily intelligent and very good at her work. Like Timoney, she is struggling to prove herself–sometimes in the face of sexism. Also like Timoney, Dixon struggles with her personal relationships. While Dixon has not lost a parent or anyone closer to her, but otherwise, she is so similar to the other women that she nearly seems like the same person.  


Kate Beckett

In some ways, Beckett and Timoney are so similar they could essentially be the same person. Beckett is extraordinarily attractive. She is tough and very skilled at her profession. Like Timoney, she is single. She also has a troubled private life. Like Dixon, her attraction to her partner causes her much discomfort. Beckett is driven by trouble in her past–her mother was murdered.


Rebecca Riley

Rebecca Riley of “Zero Hour” is a particularly skilled and intelligent FBI agent. Like the other female detectives, she is young, athletic and beautiful. Like Beckett and Timoney, she takes creative approaches to solving crime. And like Dixon, she is motivated by trouble in her past; her husband was killed in a bombing–leaving her single.


Sam Spade 

Like most of the other detectives, Sam Spade of “Without a Trace” has a troubled past. She killed her mother’s ex-boyfriend after he molested her sister. Like the others, she is beautiful, athletic and intelligent as well as single with complicated personal relationships. She often allows her romantic life and her work life to mix, which creates complications for her.


Jane Rizzoli

Jane Rizzoli is yet another cookie cutter female detective made out of the same mold as the others. Like Timoney, Rizzoli has struggled to win respect from those she works with. She has problems with her parents–and surely you've guessed it–particularly with her mother. Like the others, she is attractive and feminine, but also tough while continuing to be extraordinarily ambitious and skilled at her job.


Connie McDowell

Connie McDowell is another detective in a similar role. McDowell is young, beautiful, tough and intelligent. She is particularly good at her job, because her father was a policeman. Like the others, McDowell has had a troubled past and complicated personal relationships. When she became pregnant as a teenager, her parents forced her to give her child up for adoption. Meanwhile, her sister was assaulted and brutally killed by her husband. McDowell is not single like most of the others, but otherwise, she could essentially be the same person.