7 Reasons I Stopped Watching ‘Entourage’ Years Ago

Monday, September 12 by
That show was still on? 

HBO aired the final episode of Entourage last night, but as far as I’m concerned, that crap went off the air in 2007. Though it was occasionally fun in the beginning, the show tanked soon after, and I wasn’t patient enough to watch it recover. And from what I hear, it seems like it never did. So, we pour a Budweiser on the concrete for the second douchiest show on television (RW/RR Challenge holds the top spot) with this rundown of what went wrong and drove viewers away and why hot chicks weren’t enough to keep us watching.


Vince is up for a big movie. Oh no, Vince isn’t going to do the movie. Oh wait, now Vince is going to do the movie. Vince needs to get on a flight. Oh no, flights are sold out! Oh wait, Kanye West will give Vince a ride in his private jet. There’s no conflict or consequences and the plot’s suffer because of it. I only like to watch things work out in my own life. I need plot twists and character growth to hold my interest.

Product Placement

Though producers try their best to sometimes integrate products into the plot, Entourage really isn’t much more than a gigantic advertisement. For instance, Budweiser. It’s everywhere all of the time. You would think that the suave, millionaire star of Aquaman would have something a bit more refined than sudsy piss water on hand for his hot model party guests. Also, how about an episode where we see Turtle have to bring all of those bottles to the recycling center? If he really has an expensive sneaker habit to support, he’d be all over those deposit fees.

This Guy

Everyday is Christmas for this guy and it makes no sense. Yes, he can drive well and he’s got good weed, but other than that, he’s just taking, taking, taking. He sleeps in Vince’s house, drinks Vince’s Budweiser (see above), and tries to sleep with the girls that Vince didn’t feel like sleeping with. Oh, and you just know this asshole has never done a dish in his life.

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