7 of The Most Badass Anime Characters To Ever Be Drawn

Tuesday, July 10 by Sasha Moody


For decades now the popularity of Japanese animation, or anime, has been increasing rapidly with no end. People, including us, fall head over heels for these adult themed complex comics and series with touching stories and completely badass characters. However, we do have our favorites in the anime world! Here are seven of the most badass anime characters we would die for!


Alucard from "Hellsing”


Alucard is by far one of the most badass anime characters out there. He's a vampire who is sick of being immortal. So, to help his own feelings of guilt and to pass his eternal time, Alucard works with the Hellsing Organization, helping them kill other vampires and evil beings. But, don't think Alucard is a softie because of his feelings of love and compassion– when it comes the time to kill, he is ruthless and enjoys causing the evil unimaginable pain.


Alphard from "Canaan"


Alphard is one of three women connected together through an anti-terrorist summit. She starts out the series as the leader of the terrorist group "Snake." During an assignment Alphard is ordered to kill everyone on the scene, including her partners. This is where she bolts, relieving her of her villian status, but not making her a hero just yet.


Balalaika from "Black Lagoon"


Balalaika, also known as "fry face" by her enemies, is no doubt one of the most badass anime characters ever to be drawn. This blonde, blue-eyed beauty served in the Soviet Union’s army in Afghanistan, giving the scar that lead to her nickname. She later turned into a mafia boss in Moscow where she does most of her work herself, even editing hard core porn—something most bosses leave to their employees.


Kenpachi from "Bleach”


Kenpachi is a 6' 7" (practically giant) badass anime soul reaper! He is a Captain in the 11th Division of Soul Society. He lives for a good fight and will not fight anybody he thinks is too easy of a target. He towers over the rest of his team, but still shows feelings of compassion towards some of them.


Akira from "Lucky Stars”


"How dare you introduce yourself before introducing me, Akira Kogami."

Although Akira is a minor character in “Lucky Stars”, she is a recurring character in “Lucky Channel”. She is not just your typical high school bitch—she is so much more! Looking at her picture, you may be skeptical about Akira being badass, but trust us! You do not want to piss her off; you’ll never know what she’ll do!


Lucy from "Elfen Lied”


Lucy—not a very badass anime name; its quite sweet actually. But don’t be fooled, this vixen has cat ears and a telekinetic ability that lets her control, multiply and direct viruses; killing people easily. Lucy was bullied as a child because of her ears, but she always put up a brave face. It was when somebody killed Lucy’s dog when she turned into a mass murderer to get revenge on those who hurt her.


Mugen from "Samurai Champloo”


This list would not be complete without Mugen from “Samauari Champloo.” Not only is he an amazing vivacious swordsman, but he is also a fantastic break dancer! He is a simple man who just goes with the flow of life. Mugen always helps those in distress and punishes the evil. We absolutely adore this badass with a heart of gold!

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