7 New Fall Shows That Won’t Be Here Next Spring

Tuesday, September 27 by

Charlie’s Angels

OK, Hollywood, we’re just going to say this as bluntly as possible: Stop making remakes. The movie version of this ripe slice of 70’s cheese was fun and campy. The television remake is about as fun as getting your wisdom teeth out. America was clearly clamoring for a gritty reimagining of a television series about feathered hair and jiggling tits. Here’s to hoping the next bright idea to come out of the execs at ABC is a remake of Joanie Loves Chachi or The Charmings.

How to Be a Gentleman

The Odd Couple was a funny movie. It was also a funny show that exited the world stage gracefully when it ran out of jokes. Hollywood never quite got the message, though. While the Brits did a great take on the old slovenly liberal / fastidious conservative bit in Peep Show, America has never recaptured that original Oscar and Felix magic. No one told CBS, apparently. They’ve decided to serve up this misandrist, multi-camera, laugh track shit shingle starring the uncool Dillon brother. Thanks, dudes.

Prime Suspect

We know that NBC doesn’t know what to do with only a single Law & Order on tap. But didn’t NBC learn from the Life on Mars debacle? It’s nearly impossible to port a show from Britain and have it take off. There are some notable exceptions (Three’s Company, The Office), but for the most part it just doesn’t work (Coupling). And another police procedural? About a no-nonsense lady cop fighting sexism in the system? Is this 1975?

2 Broke Girls

Two perky, bubbly girls working in a diner trying to raise money and open their own cupcake shop. Irritating? Of course. The problem isn’t the back story. First, it’s on CBS. This means the characters are about a thousand years too young to appeal to CBS’s core demo. Perhaps the bigger problem is that it’s another brainchild of Whitey Cummings, co-creator and star of the funny-as-terminal-cancer Whitney.

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