7 Molehills (Besides MIA) The Parents Television Council Have Turned Into Mountains

Monday, February 6 by

The Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr. Commercial

In this commercial, Paris sexily eats a Carl’s Jr. hamburger while washing a Bentley. The PTC spoke out about this commercial not for its depiction of Paris Hilton performing manual labor, but rather because she was getting all wet and you could see the tops of her legs.

Melissa Caldwell, research director (?) for the PTC, went on record as saying, “This commercial is basically soft-core porn,” suggesting that she hasn’t actually seen soft-core porn, because if she had, she would know that it features boobs and people having slow, masked sex at impossible angles.

Carl’s Jr. CEO Andy Puzder, urged the PTC to “get a life,” resulting in the first and only time I decided to eat at Carl’s Jr.


The PTC has several times gone after YouTube, which is tantamount to going after people’s thoughts. Eventually, in 2008, the PTC praised YouTube for finding a way to segregate adult content from regular access, but condemned the site for failing to monitor its comments for profanity and vulgarity.

Maybe the PTC would be interested in policing the billions of YouTube comments the site gets every week? Then after that, they can clean up every other website with filthy language on the Internet.

Thanks, PTC!

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