7 Molehills (Besides MIA) The Parents Television Council Have Turned Into Mountains

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For 9/16th’s of a second on February 1, 2004, America was treated to (or subjected to, depending on how you see it) Janet Jackson’s covered nipple during her Super Bowl halftime show. This was the worst thing that ever happened to America, if you believe the PTC.

The FCC investigated the incident, as much as a woman baring a nipple on TV can be investigated, and the act was ultimately found to be obscene, and a $550,000 fine was levied against CBS. The hubbub was ridiculed by both people who felt that America was going to hell for its declining values, and ridiculed by people who felt that America was going to hell because of people who wouldn’t shut up about America’s declining values.

The PTC largely served as the mouthpiece for any “outrage” that came from NippleGate and probably viewed the controversy as their D-Day or something. All this happened although only 18% of Americans felt that the incident warranted an investigation.

Beyond NippleGate

Once Janet Jackson’s not-even-bare nipple hit the airwaves, the levies broke and the PTC used its newly-found celebrity to basically just object to every single show on television, like some rich man who’s so shocked that he’s dropping his monocle into things left and right. This includes That 70’s Show, as well as bastions of filth such as Friends, The Simpsons, and Gilmore Girls. These complaints were made regarding shows that aired between 2001 and 2004. The FCC denied the entire set, probably because they were sick of the PTC’s desire to be the kid in class who rats everyone out.

The Family Friendly Flights Act of 2007

The Parents Television Council in 2007 decided that, even though a few years earlier that people had hijacked some planes and killed 3,000, the real threat in the skies was the amount of PG-13 programming being shown on planes.

Heath Shuler, former NFL quarterback and NC congressman, introduced the act. Remarkably, congress found that they had better things to do, and that people who bring children on airplanes are evil to begin with, thus precluding them from receiving any special attention. Any parents concerned with what their children see on an airplane can simply blindfold them.

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