7 Molehills (Besides MIA) The Parents Television Council Have Turned Into Mountains

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Seriously, guys. Pay attention. This is important. Guys? 

Last night, the PTC got all PTC on everyone after Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show, during which pop singer MIA flipped off the camera. She had no reason for doing this, and the moment served as a “blink and you’ll miss it” nugget of ephemera. However, the PTC doesn’t know the meaning of the word “ephemera” (or a lot of other words), so they did that thing that they do where they wave their hands around and asks if anyone will think of the children long after most people’s attention has drifted back to aspects of life that actually affect people.

Here are seven other examples of this typical PTC behavior.

Bono Drops An “F” Bomb In 2003

Bono said the word “f#cking” during the Golden Globes. Out of 20 million people, only 234 people complained. Of those 234, 217 complaints came from members of the PTC. Ten months later, the FCC ruled because Bono’s use of the word was fleeting and wasn’t describing sexual or excretory (pooping?) functions, that it wasn’t obscene, they didn’t fine NBC.

The PTC filed an application for review because they have a fair amount of time on their hands, and the FCC actually reversed their decision and decided the utterance was obscene, but didn’t fine NBC anyway, probably because they hate the PTC as much as everyone else does.

Nicole Richie Also Says A Bad Word On TV in 2003

During the Billboard Music Awards, Nicole Richie asked the question, presumably in reference to her Simple Life experiences, “Have you ever tried to get cow shit out of a Prada purse? It’s not so f*cking simple.”

I have not ever tried that, but I’m sure it’s complex. Needless to say, the PTC was irate that a celebrity acknowledged that cows poop and that cleaning purses is sometimes complex.

The Supreme Court, just last month, heard arguments based on this case, and the feeling is that their ruling could relax the liability they place on stations during the airing of live events. This would no doubt drive the PTC batshit crazy, so I’m eagerly awaiting their decision.

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