7 ‘Glee’ Tributes We’d Like To See

Wednesday, December 7 by

The Ramones

A bunch of little kids can pull it off and make it totally awesome, so the Glee kids probably won’t f*ck it up too much. They should stick to the first four records, natch, but also not be afraid to hit up later classics like “Wart Hog” and “Animal Boy.”


So we read something about how they paid tribute to Star Wars and that got us thinking: Maybe Glee can succeed where so many others have failed and give us a decent adaptation of Dune. Come to think of it, maybe they could dedicate a season to telling the tale of Paul Atraides and his descendants? It certainly couldn’t be any worse than the Sci Fi Channel (it wasn’t even called “SyFy” back then) miniseries. Oh, and for whatever it’s worth: The David Lynch version is awesome. You just need to watch it on mute, smoke a shitload of weed and put on a Hawkwind record while playing some Forgotten Realms campaigns to make it awesome.

Boyd Rice

This would probably just be a lot of humming or something, right? Or maybe they could cover some of his more accessible, later material like “Let’s Hear It For Violence Against Women?” Not really sure what would work best here. Either way, martinis all around!

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