7 Funniest School-Related Sitcoms

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It’s back to school time, which means things are about to get hilarious. Well, that’s the case if television is any indicator. In real life, going back to school is probably fun at first, but that new excitement tapers off pretty quickly. But you know what is fun? Watching TV. Even when the show you’re watching is about school, which we’ve already established as being a pretty crappy time. So, in honor of this return to the halls of academia, I’ve compiled this list of the seven funniest school-related sitcoms*. Plan your study breaks accordingly.

*With apologies to Drexell’s Class. That was some of Dabney Coleman‘s finest work.

Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

It’s a plot as common as the nose on your face. Comedian Mark Curry stars as an NBA superstar who screws up and has to fall back on being a substitute teacher and gym coach. Just about every school in America has a former professional athlete on its teaching staff, because everyone knows that’s where the real money is.

Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World showed us life through the eyes of Cory Matthews, a kid growing up next to his teacher in suburban Philadelphia. Throughout the run of the series, we followed Cory through grade school, high school, and college as he learned various life lessons with help from his big-chested classmate, his imbecile brother, and his physically and emotionally abused best friend. TGIF!

Saved By The Bell

As the quintessential 90’s teen sitcom, you’ve gotta know this one. Re-runs air all over the world, even in small Eastern European villages. In fact, I believe Screech is viewed as a messiah in some of those villages.

A Different World

As a spin-off to The Cosby Show, A Different World had a lot riding on it. However, it stood on its own as a quality show thanks to Dwayne Wayne’s weird flippy glasses/sunglasses. It was the late 80’s. That’s all you needed back then.

Head Of The Class

Designed as a vehicle for Howard Hesseman, Head Of The Class followed the gifted students of Monroe High School in Manhattan and their rebel rouser teacher. However, the talented cast of students comprised of actors like Brian Robbins, Robin Givens, and Dan Frischman quickly stepped into the spotlight, as well as Leslie Bega, who looked like this on the show:

But now looks like this:

Arvid looks pretty good these days too.

Welcome Back, Kotter

The one that started it all. By that, I mean John Travolta’s fixation with shoving hoses into guys.


Though Community is a sitcom in the traditional sense, there’s hardly anything traditional about Community. Birthed from the brain of Dan Harmon and starring a hilarious cast, Community is (or maybe was) the best source for cutting edge comedy on network television. Hard to say where the show is headed now thanks to behind-the-scenes shake-ups, but we’ll find out soon enough when it returns for another season. And then hopefully a few more. And a movie.

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