7 Cartoons More Harmful To Children Than ‘Spongebob’

Wednesday, September 14 by

Beavis and Butthead

My obsession with this show helped me not get laid in high school. Oh, and I guess it also made some kids burn houses down.


My obsession with this show helped me hardly get laid in college. Oh, and I guess it also gave some kids seizures.

Dora the Explorer

Children should not play with monkeys. Not only can this behavior can lead to physical harm or the spread of disease, but can we even trust these apes? Look at those creepy, prescient eyes and nimble toes. They’re planning something, I know it.

Mister T

This show encourages children to get into vehicles with strange men. Very strange men.

Also, between all of the gymnastics and mystery-solving, when are these kids finding time to do their homework? You can’t just slack off and scissor-kick jewel thieves and expect to pass your Bio exam.

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