7 Badass Game Of Thrones Quotes To Live And Die By

Tuesday, November 29 by Frost

Politics, warfare and magic last but for seconds without dialogue to drive them, like these 7 badass “Game of Thronesquotes to live and die by. The Houses within this series entwine and disengage, make alliances and enemies all while providing a world that feels more alive with each breath it takes on screen. Join in the fray from the relative safety of your chair, but make sure to have your homemade cardboard shield ready just in case.

The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” It’s a fantasy world, so rather than putting his money where his mouth is, Eddard Stark puts his sword to his words. This “Game of Thrones” quote sets the tone for Eddard’s character as one that doesn’t shirk his duty no matter how dark that duty might be. Stark sees no difference between judge, jury and executioner and more importantly takes no joy in the death of another thus creating one heck of a badass statement on his moral fiber.

A dying mind is a demented mind, Lord Stark. For all the weight they're given, last words are usually as significant as first words.” Grand Maester Pycelle dismisses the last words of King Robert Stark as having the worth of a newborn babe’s first babble with this “Game of Thrones” quote. Last words often carry dramatic weight and Pycelle tosses those words into the gutter thus showing that his focus lies with the present and not the thoughts of a dying man now gone. Pycelle’s insight into the situation doesn’t make it true or false, but it does show off his lack of curiosity while prominently displaying his intellect.

People have been swinging at me for years, they always seem to miss.” When you’re considered the greatest swordsman alive you get to choose how to portray your own confidence in your abilities. Jaime Lannister chooses arrogance cloaked in false modesty, as his words look humble while his tone shatters that image completely. Jaime can deflect and attack both with his words as well as his sword.

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