Sometimes you need more than senseless brawls and that’s where the story behind the punches comes into play. With these seven action TV shows that keep the tension high, your reptilian brain will be completely satiated by the animalistic action on display!

“Human Target”

Chi McBride can make any TV show fun. McBride exudes common sense with a high mix of frustration and that adds to “Human Target” giving it an exasperated edge that is always amusing. Mark Valley and Jackie Earle Haley round out the core trio with McBride and with their different takes on each job, make for fractured solutions to the same problem that add to the thrill of the show. “Baptiste” features Haley’s character Guerrero mentoring and that alone is a story worth seeing.

“Person of Interest”

Although it started out slowly with the bad guy of the week formula, “Person of Interest” has introduced long play villains into the mix that lurk behind the scenes as they manipulate and plot. With the possibility of the duo being exposed by various factions, “Person of Interest” keeps the tension nice and high as their secrecy is their greatest strength in their protection of the computer chosen targets. If only they could understand that their audience is tech savvy enough to not need constant reminders via large text on the duo’s phones such as “Cloning Phone” to name one. Finch and Reese do their own version of “Rear Window” in “Super” as Reese, confined to a wheelchair, spies on his neighbors to ascertain the threat to their newest target.

“John Doe”

An amnesiac with black and white vision goes up against at least one secret society, if not more in “John Doe”. With plenty of pummeling and shooting, this action TV show is a journey towards finding out whom John truly is. This show has a motley group whose own secrets get pulled out of the shadowy recesses thus making for exciting television.  “Idaho” shows that you can never go home again, especially if it was never your home in the first place.


Vengeance for being framed for murder is a solid premise for any action TV show but without a focus for the revenge the tension will grow. “Life” focuses on Charley Crew’s dichotomy as his serene contemplation of the world battles with his barely contained fury towards those who locked him away for years. The plot thickens in “Powerless” as Crews finds out that maybe old friends were never all that friendly.

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

Surprisingly, it's actually really good. “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” brings back the excitement old fans had while still catering to young fans with stories that will hold the interest of both age groups. Keeping razor sharp tension through stories that cater to intrigue and political maneuvering, this action show truly promotes great story telling that neither over sells or under sells that action component. In “The General” you get a dialog on cloning as well as the consequences of disobeying an order by a superior and tons of blaster fire.

“The Walking Dead”

The world belongs to the undead as humanity struggles to stay alive in a world filled with the dread that this might be the end of everything in “The Walking Dead." Egos clash in numerous battles of will, some small and some large, as the main cast does their best to stay alive while searching for a place to call their own once again. The last few seconds of “Pretty Much Dead Already” add the element of surprise to the tension built as the barn zombies are eliminated thus ensuring an end to the peaceful future home that might have been.

“Spartacus: Vengeance”

Andy Whitfield will be truly missed in this sequel to “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” but with enough of the old cast to keep the acting stunning, “Spartacus: Vengeance” will continue to grow in strength. As the ex-gladiators are now on the run from the Romans, there is plenty of tension, verbal sparring and physical battering to suit anyone’s blood lust. Learn to hate Ashur all over again at the end of “The Greater Good."