I'll keep it simple -- Web Series' suck.  They're poorly written, poorly shot, poorly acted, and almost always involve zombies or 20-somethings hanging out in an apartment. But that's what happens when you, me, and that random guy on the street are able to post our own series on youtube instantly, only to watch the plentiful 356 views roll in. It's just the nature of the medium...99% of the time, anyhow.

There are actually a few gems out there that might keep your mouse away from the dislike button. Are are my 6 choices for web series that are worth watching.

The Guild

The Guild is hands down the best web series out there.  Set around the real life members in a World of Warcraft guild, Codex (Felicia Day) decides she and her guild members should all meet in person and, naturally, hilarity ensues.   The great thing is you don't have be into World of Warcraft to enjoy it (though it is marketed towards Gamers).  It's not so much about the game as it is the relationships that develop from them meeting each other, and having Geek Goddess Felicia Day as the star doesn't hurt either.  Now in their fifth season, it should only take you a few hours to completely catch up.


If you like the X Files (which I know you all do), then RCVR is the web series for you.  Set in the 1970s, we follow Weber (Daniel Bonjour), a government agent tracking down a crashed Air Force jet in Rural Arkansas.  Naturally, the closer he gets to the answers, the stranger things become. Produced by Machinima, RCVR has some of the best web series production quality I've seen so far.  If you're into conspiracies, UFOs, and little green men, RCVR is well worth it.

Universal Dead

With 'dead' in the show's title, you can probably guess it has to do with Zombies.  Yes, Zombies--the backbone of every crappy web series.  But before you roll your eyes and walk away, Universal Dead got a feature deal after it's second episode.  That's right--second.  Do I have your attention now?

Beginning after a zombie apocalypse, a politician travels to a secret military complex to hear a scientists very bizarre theory on how the zombie virus operates. Though very comic-booky in nature, it's definitely a solid idea and will make you interested to see how it's adapted into a film. D.B. Sweeney stars.

Legend of Neil

Legend of Neil is simple: Neil gets drunk, erotically asphyxiates himself while playing Legend of Zelda, and passes out.  When he wakes up, he's Link in the world of Hyrule.

Created by The Guild star Sandeep Parikh, Legend of Neil is good ole' dose of nerd humor condensed into 3-4 minute episodes, and unlike many web series, it works perfect for the medium.  It can be found on Atom.com

Journey Quest

At first glance, Journey Quest looks like your typical fantasy comedy romp written by amateur actor/writers.  But I was pleasantly surprised to find it much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Following the exploits of a dysfunctional band of heroes, Journey Quest offers great writing, great production value, and fun, familiar characters any RPG nerd can get behind.

Dragon Age: Redemption

If you've played the Dragon Age games, there's no doubt you've seen Dragon Age: Redemption.  Set in the Dragon Age world, it follows Tallis (Felicia Day), an Elvish Assassin tasked with tracking down a Qunari Mage bent on destroying the world and encounters a mix of friends and enemies along the way.  
Nerdy enough for you?

Like The Guild, you don't have to know much about Dragon Age to enjoy it. And since the series has an actual budget, the writing, acting, and production quality are all spot on. Planned as a six part series, the fifth installment just aired last week.

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