It takes a lot of guts to remake an established television show. However there could be several reasons to do so. Maybe the original show had been a spectacular success in a different country and U.S. producers want to update it with an American twist. Or maybe the show is several decades old and they want to bring it to a modern setting. Whatever the reason, fans of the original program will be waiting with baited breathe to abuse this new creation. However some remakes turn out to be a success and here is a list of six TV remakes that actually managed to be better than their originals.

"The Office." Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's monumental creation has been remade in almost every country on the planet, and probably on some other planets too. David Brent's name has become synonymous with poor office management, but the British version's meager twelve episode run left viewers wanting more. Step forward Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer and Jim Krasinski whose new characters immediately warmed up American hearts, and who are now approaching their 200th episode.

"All In The Family." Another remake of a classic British series, "Family" was originally entitled "Till Death Do Us Part." Archie Bunker dealt with controversial and explosive issues of the mid-1970s in this series that ran for more than nine seasons, becoming an American institution along the way.

"Three's Company." Jack Trippers attempt to shack up with his two female roommates in "Three's Company" is a staple of 1970s TV comedy, with John Ritter's wonderful performances anchoring the show throughout it's eight season run. Originally entitled "Man About The House" the UK edition of the show ran for six seasons and even produced a movie.

"American Idol." It seem's rather dubious to proclaim "American Idol" a remake of Britian's "Pop Idol" when it is a straight copy. Yet judges J'Lo and Steven Tyler added a level of glamor and prestige to the show that has become one of the most popular programs of the last decade.

"Doctor Who." Now of course it is a big debate to regard the Russell T Davies reincarnation of our favorite time lord as a remake. However the show needed to be completely rebuilt from the cheesy joke that it had become from it's late 1980's version, and Christopher Eccleston was able to add a level of credibility and weight to the role whilst the writers used the wealth of back story to their advantage, making the hero into a modern day role model.

"Battlestar Galactica." Having first hit the screen in 1978, off the back of the original "Star Wars" release, "Battlestar" became a huge franchise as Dirk Benedict battled evil Cylons. It's 2003 remake however became even more successful and is regarded by many fans as one of the greatest TV shows of all time.