The 2008 election saw Americans fall in love with politics and, in particular, Barack Obama. Not since John Fitzgerald Kennedy has the public fallen in love with one politician as they have with Obama and his obscenely attractive family. Watergate made the entire country lose its trust in The White House and a spate of uncharismatic and unrelatable individuals have since been located on Pennsylvania Avenue, each of whom have failed to ignite passion in their tenure. However, it could have been worse. They could have elected one of these diabolical presidents from television. Here is a list of six television presidents who almost ruined the world.

"Prison Break", Caroline Reynolds.

Hilary Clinton almost became the first female president in 2008, however, this position had already been filled in "Prison Break". But save your applause; Caroline Reynolds is possibly the most corrupt person to ever take office. Her list of atrocities includes faking her own brother's death and blaming it all on Lincoln Burrows. Maybe tricky Dick wasn't too bad after all?

"24", Wayne Palmer.

Those of you with older brothers will understand that it is sometimes impossible to emerge from their imposing shadow. When your brother is the first black president of the United States, it makes it doubly hard. Wayne is able to get elected to The White House, but soon shows that he is dangerously unqualified and only manages to get himself in harm's way throughout season six of "24." Jack should have just killed him.

"24", Charles Logan.

Inspired by Richard Nixon, President Logan first appears on our screens towards the end of season four of "24" when he orders the death of Jack Bauer. However, it is in season five where we truly see how crazy Logan is. He works with a group of terrorists and puts millions of Americans at risk before finally being discovered by his wife, who informs the authorities: a warning for those who ever complain about their spouses.

"The West Wing", Jed Bartlett

Some people might say that this a harsh choice, but it is under President Bartlett's tenure that the US comes to the brink of bowing to terrorist demands when his daughter, Zoe Bartlett, is kidnapped. It is only when he signs over his position to the Republican candidate, Glen Allen Walken, that the crisis is avoided. Zoe ultimately ends up back home safe and sound.

"The Simpsons Movie", Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Is it Schwarzenegger or Rainer Wolfcastle? Who cares! "The Simpsons Movie" shows us what it would be like if "The Terminator" himself is able to get himself into office. And it doesn't make for pretty viewing.

"Battlestar Galactica", Gaius Baltar.

President Baltar treats his presidency as if it were a fraternity. His boozing and womanizing is more prominent than any policies or the stability of the Twelve Colonies. Ultimately the coward is ousted from office and is even tried for treason. It really is a wonder how he got elected in the first place.