6 TV Judges That Do It All For The Money

Sunday, January 8 by Irving Oala

Judge Mathis.jpg

Judge Greg Mathis. Judge Greg Mathis takes a page from Judge Joe Brown’s book, as he is from Detroit and used to be a criminal himself. His outrageous antics in the courtroom make it pretty clear he is more of an entertainer than an actual judge.

judge hatchett

Judge Hatchett. A different kind of court room show, Judge Hatchett is obviously playing to the camera because you can hear her reading a script for the moral message her show is meant to convey. Trying to teach a universal lesson through justice of the courts is a bit contrived isn’t it?

judge david young

Judge David Young. Judge David Young’s initial claim to fame was that he was the first gay TV judge, making it more-than-obvious he was taking advantage of his own character to attain fame and fortune. This attempt to draw viewers is a bit pitiful, which is why his was one of the worst court room shows ever.

judge marilyn milian

Judge Marilyn Milian. Judge Marilyn Milian uses her Cuban heritage to try and get attention on her courtroom show, which is how she got a courtroom show in the first place. That said, she is pretty funny to watch as angry Latinas sentence people better then anyone else.

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