There are some wonderful girlfriends on television that make life better in every way. Sometimes it's a guy like Ross on "Friends" who gets a girlfriend like Rachel: absolutely beautiful, funny, smart and supportive. How could you feel anything but great when you're out on the town with Rachel? But not all girlfriends are like Rachel. Some girlfriends may be nearly as beautiful, but they have a way of getting under your skin. Here are six TV girlfriends who might make you reconsider dating.

Elaine Benes, "Seinfeld". You might fall absolutely head over heels in love with Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and she might fall in love with you, but she'll change her mind in an instant. Instead of making a commitment to you, she'll go out with her friends for Chinese food. Elaine is a girl who only thinks of herself. She has no empathy for others. Sharing? Not Elaine. That's why she bought up all the contraceptive sponges. When others needed them, would she share them? No way. She saved them and used them only when a sponge-worthy guy came her way.


Diane Chambers, "Cheers". The misfit bartender was Sam Malone's sometime girlfriend in "Cheers", and she really did love him in her own way. However, Diane (Shelley Long) was much too needy and insecure for anyone to have a legitimate relationship with her. If she was happy, it was just a momentary thing because she would find something to worry about in an instant. If she had a problem, everybody had to help her solve it, or there would be no peace. Additionally, Diane liked to maintain her no-fun, prim and proper attitude. Underneath, she was passionate and caring, but you have to get through too many layers to get there, and it's just not worth it.



Lyla Garrity, "Friday Night Lights". At first glance, you might think this selection is a huge mistake because Lyla (Minka Kelly) is incredibly beautiful and smoking hot at every turn. However, at the start of the series she was the desirable cheerleader who went out  with the football star at Dillon High School. When he got injured and and became a paraplegic, she ended up sleeping with his best friend. Who needs a girlfriend like that?


Gloria Trillo, "The Sopranos". Gloria (Anabella Sciorra) was one of Tony Soprano's many girlfriends. When Tony first met Gloria, she was a smoking hot woman who was totally into their relationship and loved having sex. However, Gloria had many mental and emotional problems-Tony and Gloria were both patients of  Dr. Melfi-and as the relationship went on, she made more and more demands of Tony. Most of those demands were born out of her raging insecurity. She eventually committed suicide, a bad trip for any boyfriend to endure.



Lucy Ewing, "Dallas". This show was the hit CBS series during the late 1970s and 1980s. Lucy (Charlene Tilton) was the daughter of Gary Ewing, and she was the hot young blonde who seduced men any time she wanted. Every time she got involved with someone, that relationship developed significant problems, and that usually meant the end of the relationship. Lucy's biggest problems were that she never told the truth and was always selfish. Nobody wants a girlfriend like that.

Brenda Chenowith, "Six Feet Under". Brenda (Rachel Griffiths) was a statuesque stunner who had no pretensions and loved sex. That sounds like the ideal girlfriend. However, Brenda was the daughter of two experimental and egomaniacal parents who were both psychiatrists. They always manipulated their children and used them for their own experiments, so Brenda became very manipulative herself. She also had to get everything the way she wanted it, or she would get very angry and demanding. You had to stay away from her when she was mad because she became dangerous.