Put down the ramen for a night, grab a spatula and make dinner plans with these 6 TV chefs you would want to have a beer with. Every career has stories but the people on the restaurant path experience the best and worst that humanity has to offer. Sharpen your wit, show off your sauciness and parboil the bad puns as you decide on your perfect dining companion.

  1. Anthony Bourdain, “No Reservations” If you’ve watched “No Reservations,” you have to suspect that you’re missing out on stories the Travel Channel felt would get them sued, arrested or publicly flogged. Anthony Bourdain has the feel of a man willing to share those stories with you whether you’re buying the drinks or he his. Bourdain exudes good old-fashioned fun with enough sarcasm and self-deprecation to make him a TV chef you want to have a few thousand beers with over the course of your life.

  2. Andrew Zimmern, “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern” If you want to have a drink, hear some great stories and live life a little dangerously but without the overhanging threat of getting head butted by a pissed off stranger, turn to Andrew Zimmern. Throw back a few drinks with this TV chef and indulge in the wild side of food that sneers at your grilled cheese sandwich. With a friendly, open face and an engaging charm, you can’t go wrong with hanging out with this “Bizarre Foods” personality.

  3. Gordon Ramsay, “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” Grabbing a drink with the TV chef behind “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” has a best-case scenario where Gordon Ramsay renovates your restaurant, insults your ability to procreate and you guys get drunk and throw whisks at each other. Of course there’s also a worst-case scenario: Ramsay and you start a brawl at a food truck that spills into a Hell’s Angels convention and carnage ensues. Either scenario guarantees you scars that have better stories behind them then “I lost control of my Big Wheel on the deck stairs.” Ramsay’s a great choice because he knows not only a ton of hangover cures but also new exciting swear words to bring to your next office kickball game.

  4. Julia Child, “The French Chef” Leave your ego behind if you’re going drinking with Julia Child because you’re going to lose in that contest. This chef put down enough cooking sherry to power a submarine and still produced dynamite cuisine. No matter how long your “Hell Week” was during Rush, you need to understand that you’re still a diapered amateur in her adult drinking world. When you regain consciousness in the kitchen, the recipes you’ve gained will lessen the pain of being used as a coat rack for Child as she goes about filming “The French Chef.”

  5. Jack Bourdain, “Kitchen Confidential” There aren’t any consumer ready time machines available yet, which is a good thing because on one hand you could end up with jetpacks but on the other hand you could end up with the Fourth Reich. Barring a breakthrough in that whole feisty time-space continuum, you can drink with a younger version of Anthony Bourdain. In “Kitchen Confidential,” Bradley Cooper plays chef Jack Bourdain and brings the promise of brawls, hangovers and the type of terrible mistakes that give you the great stories you’ll tell for the rest of your life.

  6. Bobby Flay, “Boy Meets Grill”. Flay’s personality on the television radiates the kind of friendliness and lack of pretension that makes him a TV chef you’d want to have a beer with. Throw in Flay’s Area 51 type secrets about how to best use your grill and it’s Christmas all over again, except without grandma threatening to cut you. Everyone has something to teach you but with “Boy Meets Grill” you get to learn it in the presence of a flaming grill and some cold beers.