"Californication" has flaunted David Duchovony's perfect body and personality to the point that he now only needs to wink to get laid. But he isn't the first TV character to ever continuously get laid for our enjoyment. Here is a list of the six sluttiest shows like "Californication".


"How I Met Your Mother."

Life as a single man has never looked so alluring as when Barney Stinson sends himself out to seduce all of New York City. Barney succeeds where most men fail and his one night stands are legen...wait for it...dary!


"Sex and The City"

Never have four single ladies enjoyed the pleasure of men without being labeled a prostitute. But if there was one member of the party who would be compared to a lady of night it would be Samantha. A cougar if there ever was one.


"Gossip Girl"

"Gossip Girl" is filled with sexual innuendo and there isn't an episode that goes by without two characters hooking up who shouldn't have. With Chuck Bass being the main culprit of provocativeness.


"Ally Mcbeal"

It's easy to say that Ally McBeal is a character who has struggled in love and constantly looks for the man of her dreams. Another way to look at it is that she is constantly on the prowl for a man's affection and then disperses with them as soon as her desires are filled. Oh and she's a lawyer, almost forgot that part.


"Mad Men"

Don Draper has slept with so many women that he should have been the poster boy for the swinging sixties.


"Big Love"

One Man. Three Wives. Bigamy never looked so appealing.