Every time a really good show comes around, you know it’s going to get canceled before it even does. Series like "Freaks and Geeks", "Veronica Mars" and "Community" never last long because it’s the mindless shows that advertisers get more revenue from. That’s why even horrible shows like "Pretty Little Liars" can stay on the air for years.

Gossip Girl. 

"Gossip Girl" was an instant hit during it’s first season. It had been a long time since teens had something really provocative and hip to watch and this hit all the right notes, spurring the creation of similar shows with similarly-dressed characters like in "Pretty Little Liars". Unfortunately, the show’s demographic seems to have fallen to the 12 - 16 year old bracket, causing screenwriters to dumb it down. So now episodes center around such dilemmas as Blair (Leighton Meester) not being able to marry a real prince unless she gets to have her favorite flowers at their wedding. Really?

Two And a Half Men. 

This show has been called a cockroach with a laugh track. Charlie Sheen’s unfunny antics are too predictable - drinking, doping, womanizing and cracking fart jokes. The even unfunnier brother adds extremely awkward sexual jokes even when the poor kid they’re supposed to be taking care of is in earshot. If you’ve got two brain cells to rub together, you’re more likely  to be hoping the “half man” has a therapy fund set up than to be guffawing along. This show is a true testament that even horrible shows can stay on the air due to the fact that mindless entertainment does well financially.


This remake hardly ever makes any sense. Parents are hardly ever seen yet most of the teens on the show are loaded with unlimited cash. Even as high school seniors, the Beverly Hills crew can do whatever they want - throw lavish parties, fly off to exotic locations, drop out of college, become prostitutes or become drug addicts without their parents ever finding out. Mindless teenage soap at it's best and likely watched by the same demographic that enjoys shows like "Pretty Little Liars." 

Jersey Shore. 

This show is about a group of fake-tanned Italian Americans (and one Chilean American - Snooki) who shame all of their respective countries (Italy, America, and Chile) by acting like total imbeciles. Every summer, the gang heads off to either the Jersey Shore, Miami beach or Italy. They get assigned summer jobs - simple tasks like scooping ice cream, making pizza or folding shirts - and fail miserably at them all season long. All they really do is get wasted every day and hook up with random people they meet at clubs as well as with each other. And fight, a LOT, with random people and each other.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

It’s difficult to decide what the most annoying and offensive thing about this show is. The fact that the Kardashians have become so popular in spite of their utter lack style? Kourtney’s nasally monotone voice? The way they elongate their words and end each statement as a question? Scott’s tendency to act like a sociopath and always get away with it? The crazy cash-cow farce of a wedding? Or just the fact that they made more money in one year for doing all of the above than you ever will in your entire lifetime?