6 Shows Like Breaking Bad That Show The Drug Trade

Monday, February 20 by Sasha Mela

4. "True Blood"

What if you lived in a world you had to share with supernatural beings? You’d have access to supernatural drugs as well. This fantasy TV show is not only about vampires but vampire drug dealers, making it even more exciting and fresh than your average show depicting the drug trade. In "True Blood," the strange but alluring vampire Eric deals vampire blood, which gives a high even more surreal and enjoyable than cocaine.

5. "The Corner"

"The Corner" was a 3 time Emmy-winning mini-series by HBO about a family’s struggle with the drug world. "The Corner" has a massive fan following for it’s unapologetic view of the gritty reality of the poverty-stricken areas of urban America, where parents are addicts and children are dealers. This show led to the creation of "The Wire", another great show about the drug trade.

6.  "The Wire"

"The Wire" has snagged a spot as one of this decade’s most culturally relevant shows. It’s plot and character development is so complex that it’s become a highly discussed show. It traces every rung in the ladder of Baltimore’s drug scene and the intricacy of everyone involved, from the police to the drug dealers, the junkies and the politicians. This show is exciting, riveting and perfect for adrenaline junkies who want more of "Breaking Bad."

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