6 Shows Like Breaking Bad That Show The Drug Trade

Monday, February 20 by Sasha Mela


As "Breaking Bad" became an instant hit with it’s creative storyline about a chemistry teacher turned meth lab genius, other TV shows depicting the drug trade also have directors no longer shying away from topics that were once taboo. Some make light of recreational drug use while others highlight the perils of becoming a big-time drug dealer or user. Some of the best shows are feature depth character analysis of people who are struggling with their addictions. Shows like "Breaking Bad" which show the drug trade are popular for a good reason-they’re ridiculously entertaining.


You don’t even need to be a casual cigarette smoker to understand the appeal of the TV show "Weeds." When Nancy Botwin’s husband dies, the soccer mom starts panicking about how she’ll maintain her expensive California suburban life. Not long after, she becomes a full-blown drug dealer. As Nancy becomes a pro, her client list, employee roster and problems escalate. The show chronicles her misadventures with a gangster called U-Turn, another named Guillermo and leads her all the way to the intense drug trade in Tijuana. The best part about" Weeds" is the diverse blend of flawed-yet-entertaining characters.

2. "Nurse Jackie"

Nurse Jackie is very good at her job. Keeping even the doctors in line, Jackie sometimes needs a little help to stay alert, help which comes in the form of magic blue pills. Although it starts out innocently due to a bad back, the pills become Jackie’s support system in a way even her husband can’t compete. This show explores the perils of being prone to addictions while working in a hospital environment, where drugs for all purposes are easy access and pharmacists and vending machines can give you your next hit. What makes this show so entertaining is the delicate balance between the darkness of Jackie struggling with her addictions and lies and the light humor of her endearing co-workers.


3. "The Cleaner"

Benjamin Bratt plays a reformed drug addict who bargains with God to get his life back. As soon as he does, he decides to not only stay on the right track but help others find their way back too. This show about the drug trade veers in a direction opposite that of "Breaking Bad." Instead of falling into the rabbit hole, the characters in this show are finding their way out.

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