Starz channel's "Spartacus" is both unflinchingly sexy and bloody, making it like very few other shows on television. Those that have the same amount of sex and violence are few and far between and, let's be honest, really enjoyable to watch due to the high amounts of sex and violence. Six of these tittilating and tough shows are listed below for you to check out between "Spartacus" viewings.

1. "Game of Thrones."

This HBO show is really what "Spartacus" wants to be if Starz had the money. It is chalk full of bloody violence in which anyone can be killed and each episode has at least one relatively graphic sex scene just to keep you interested during extensive amounts of exposition. The amount of praise this show has received is undeniably deserved.

2. "True Blood."

This Southern vampire show seems to have more sex scenes then anything else, including story in many cases. However, when there is violence, it is as bloody as it gets, with vampires ripping out people's throats and all kinds of craziness. Sookie Stackhouse is hot to death, and the show only keeps the hotness factor cranked up with steamy sex and bloody good deaths.

3. "Nip / Tuck."

FX took cable television to new heights on the sex front, with two plastic surgeons in Miami basically screwing as many women who came in for surgeries as they possibly could. The surgery element also adds a certain gruesomeness to the show on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this show ended, but can still be seen on DVD or Netflix streaming.

4. "American Horror Story."

This new FX show is a horror story as a television show, with new graphic and bloody surprises each episode. There is also a bit of sex, just to toy with people's emotions and desires between jumps. The show has generated a lot of buzz, and for good reason.

5. "Boardwalk Empire."

HBO's epic series is about the Roaring Twenties bootleggers and how the mafia began dominating America. Some of the more brutal and bloody killings that have occurred on any television show to date have happened on "Boardwalk Empire." The women, while often playing subservient roles, are fiery hot when given the chance to show it, and they are frequently given the chance.

6. "The Borgias."

A show about priests and cardinals wouldn't seem sexy or bloody, but this show is in really a lot more like history class meets a high-concept porn film. The priests are as sexually devious as anyone and will also kill people to retain power.