6 Recent Instances Of NBC Screwing The Metaphorical Pooch

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The Munsters Reboot

In case you’re noticing a pattern here, NBC has taken to airing the painfully familiar, while shelving anything that might be considered a risk. Of course, they’re actually taking a giant risk that these remade shows will suck horribly, but NBC execs didn’t get to where they are today (last place) by listening to the likes of me.

The Munsters reboot, entitled Mockingbird Lane after their street address, is produced by Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daisies and will be directed by Bryan Singer. It’s supposedly a dark one-hour drama with “spectacular visuals.” Hmm. Can’t you use spectacular visuals in a newer, more original show?

That question was meant to be rhetorical, but I heard a faint “No!” coming from the vicinity of Burbank.

Staggering Their Thursday Night Comedies

Why did 30 Rock start in January? Why did Parks and Recreation start its third season last February? Where’s Community? Why are they doing this?

Those are four questions to which I don’t have the answer. While people might rank these three comedies differently (The Office won’t be considered for being long-past-its-prime), they do have largely the same audiences, so I guess NBC has thought that stringing the shows out over the course of a year, rather than stacking them during the fall season will get people tuning in throughout the year. What it does (for me) is interest me just enough to track down episodes on Hulu every so often, rather than tune in for one big, sexy block of Must-See TV.

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