6 Recent Instances Of NBC Screwing The Metaphorical Pooch

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Yeah...back in the toilet.  

With news of Jenny McCarthy-hosted reality shows and remake after remake after adaptation after reboot, NBC certainly has placed a very nice “kick me” sign on its own back. That said, it’s a little too fashionable and easy to just say “NBC sucks,” which is why we have chosen to say, “Here’s why NBC sucks.” It’s a much more thoughtful approach to the whole affair.

Lucky for me, the writer, NBC has given us a very long list of reasons why it sucks over the past six months, so the only hard part was culling them down. They’ve done a very few things right over the past couple months, too, but we’ll save that for another article that I’ll never write.

So here’s why NBC has been sucking.

Shelving Community

Quickly: I am not a Community fan. I think the show is incredibly thoughtful and clever, but it spends so much time being those things that I don’t care at all what happens to the characters. However, I think suspending the one NBC show with a rabid, passionate fan base at a time when the network has almost nothing going for it is a mistake.

The show got terrible ratings, but at least people would talk about it. It gave NBC a presence on the Internet. You think the people that are watching Fear Factor are talking about that show on the Internet? Those people can’t even afford computers.

The show is one of the few good things that anyone says about NBC, so the network should take the hit, knowing that they’re making at least some fans and many critics happy.

The Playboy Club

This show was just ill-advised and lazy. It was too risqué for middle America (which is dumb, but true), and too pedestrian for the Mad Men crowd, so the show was openly mocked and ignored by both sides, getting the axe after two episodes, despite being NBC’s most-hyped new show.

Whatever the opposite of “taking a calculated risk” is, that’s what The Playboy Club was.

“Giving a thoughtless certainty?”

Tits or GTFO.

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