"Fringe's" debut on American television was met with much fan fare. Many critics and television aficionados believed that this would be the show of the year and would go on to eclipse every other science fiction adventure show currently being broadcast. Unfortunately for the shows creators, J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, after a bright start "Fringe" soon diluted down into a tepid affair that was overly complicated and in long parts extremely dull. However over the last few episodes of the show, this has all changed. And now "Fringe" is one of the most loved shows on television. So here are six reasons why every Sci-Fi fan should watch "Fringe" immediately. 

It's more than a Sci-Fi.

"Fringe" is much more than your usual piece of Sci-Fi drama. It deals with different themes and theories that include science, consciousness, morality, reality, philosophy and action but it also possesses many television staples. What lies at the heart of the show is the three main characters each of which form a strong and dysfunctional family unit.

It takes risks.

The shows writers decided to take a bold step with the narrative for the series when they introduced a second world to the show. Over the next few episodes "Fringe" began to alternate between these worlds and it even developed a bizarre love triangle which gripped viewers.

Its 3rd Season.

Many programs reach their third season and either run out of original ideas or are now resting on their laurels and soon become stale and stagnated shows. Yet "Fringe" was able to prosper with its third outing as the parallel world's story added a new level of conflict to the show with Olivia now stuck in the wrong universe. It soon became integral viewing.

"Fringe's" Characters and Actors.

Each of the shows characters have grown and developed over the last four seasons and John Noble, Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson have had to raise their game as new versions of Walter, Olivia and Peter have been introduced. Yet despite this the original characters have become more important and engaging than ever before. 

"Fringe" Is Filled With Great Episodes.

"Fringe" is one of the most consistent shows currently on air with its writers and directors squeezing in so much drama and conflict into its 60 minute timeframe that you feel like you are experiencing a stroke when watching it. Special mention needs to go to "Olivia," "Entrada" and "Subject 13," each of which make for sensational viewing. 

Anna Torv.

This Australian actress plays Olivia Dunham and has managed to wow American audiences with her stunning good looks and sultry voice. Probably the most beautiful woman on television. Up until Zooey Deschanel turned up, that is!