6 Racist, Sexist, And Hilarious Ari Gold Quotes

Monday, January 2 by Steve Silverman

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<p>The <a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/hbo-259/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>HBO</a> program “<a href=Entourage” portrayed Hollywood A-List star Vincent Chase and his entourage that consisted of his two best friends and his brother. His agent, Ari Gold, was just outside that group but may have been even more important to Vince because he was able to secure the majority of his top movie gigs. Gold was portrayed by Jeremy Piven, and he gave a classic performance of a fast-talking Hollywood agent who would do anything if it helped him do his job well. Gold often did not regulate himself and would say whatever popped into his mind when he expressed himself. His statements were clever, quick and may have been the most memorable aspect to the series.

“Sacrifice, Lloyd! Like the Kamikaze pilots used to do.” — Lloyd was Ari Gold’s trusted assistant. He was an Asian gay man portrayed by Rex Lee. Ari never held back when talking to Lloyd and was quick to insult his Asian background and his sexual orientation in order to make a point. Despite his outward ridicule of his assistant, Ari truly liked Lloyd and respected his integrity. Lloyd would grow tired with Ari’s insults but he also admired his boldness and his ability to make things happen for his clients. It was a match made in …. Hollywood.

“You wanna hug it out? Let’s hug it out bitch.” — This was one of the catch phrases of the program and Ari delivered the line with such clarity and deftness that it crossed the line and became a regular part of everyday language. Ari, known to annoy Vince’s friend and manager Eric Murphy, would spend much of the show cutting Murphy down. While Ari knew how to get under Eric’s skin, he also knew how to end the discord by asking Murphy if he wanted to “hug it out.”

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