History is rich with storylines, as most people know the beginning and the end, but not the juicy details of the middle. There are also minor characters throughout history that have fascinating stories that didn't play into the overall narrative. This makes historical television shows some of the best when they are done correctly. Check out six of the best historical television series.

"The Pacific".

One of the many excellent historical television mini-series from HBO, "The Pacific" tells the story of the incredibly violent and little told Pacific campaign against the Japanese during World War II. This series is basically one full season and looks as good as an epic historical film every episode.

"Band of Brothers".

Yet another excellent war television series from HBO, "Band of Brothers" tells the many stories of one platoon as they fought the European campaign during World War II. This series was a huge hit in the years following the hit Spielberg film "Saving Private Ryan."

"John Adams".

With an incredible cast, this series tells the story of John Adams among others who were responsible for writing the Constitution and fighting off the British, allowing America to form in the first place. Though it's a bit more based in the script and the acting than other historical series, when it comes to HBO, this is their forte.

"Lonesome Dove".

This Wild West mini-series based on the hit novel from Larry McMurtry aired to a lot of acclaim on broadcast networks, which is rare for a mini series today. The excellent writing and acting from Danny Glover, Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones are what make this exploration of the wild west so amazing.


This epic mini-series about a slave being transported from Africa to America and then freed after the Civil War is one of the most critically acclaimed and well-made historical mini-series ever. Not only is it dealing with difficult subject matter, it was made at a time when America was still coming to grips with it's own race relations.

"Boardwalk Empire".

The newest historical series to hit the airwaves, "Boardwalk Empire" is a running series about gangsters in the 1920s during prohibition who brutally fought for shares of the liquor business, basically corrupting everyone around them. With Martin Scorcese at the helm and some of the best actors in the cast, this show was destined to be a hit.