With the announcement that Seth MacFarlane has been chosen to reboot "The Flintstones" franchise, there seems to be no shortage of opinions on the decisions. While some people feel the iconic cartoon should not be entrusted to someone known for his crude sense humor, others believe that MacFarlane is more than capable of striking a less vulgar tone when necessary. But what both parties fail to realize is that someday, when death calls us home, we're going to feel pretty friggen stupid for wasting our precious time arguing about a cartoon. After all, wouldn't our time be better spent watching clips of said cartoon via the Internet?

With that in mind, here are six awesome "Flintstones" parodies from Seth Macfarlane's"Family Guy." Carpe diem!

Fred's Ass

That's not really fair. For a caveman, I'm sure Fred had remarkable hygiene. He had a Woolly Mammoth shower, and everything.


I always knew that Betty was a whore. I think it was her laugh that gave it away.

At the Club

Next time they hit the club, Fred and Barney might want to wear some shoes. Or at least bring some hot chicks.

Marriage Counselor

"Get my rocks off." Get it? Get it?


I know this is a car chase. But technically, he's still fleeing on foot.

Flintstones Universe

When Brian and Stewie were traveling through the multiverse, you knew it was just a matter of time before they ended up on "The Flintstones." As you'd expect, it was only a matter of time before Rock Peter brought up wearing a "rock ring" during "rock sex."