The narratives which populate television are usually large and grandiose and not confined to one location. But due to budget restraints and the story which the producers have decided to tell, some shows are set in small locations with characters completely seemingly toppling over one another. "Prison Break" was one of these shows but there have been a deluge of others. Here is a list of six confined shows like "Prison Break" that will make you nauseatingly claustrophobic.  

"Mad Men."

Don Drapers antics are usually so engrossing that it is easy to forget how confined the show is. Set mainly in the offices of the Sterling Copper advertising agency the show is shot in such a way that we see almost every ceiling of every room and the the secretaries and their desks seem to be squeezed into the small space they are granted. You feel so close to the action that sometimes you can smell the booze on Don's breath.


Jack Bauer has squeezed himself into almost every location in an attempt to thwart terrorists. He has gone undercover with drug tzars, faked his death in a basement and has almost murdered a senator. Yet it within the small and confined walls of the Counter Terrorism Unit that we truly begin to feel smothered by Jack, Tony and the rest of the good guys.


The doctors and staff of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in Uijeongbu, South Korea are confined to the camped hospital that is created to cure the wounded of the Korean War. Hawkeye, Hot Lips, Max and Trapper stroll around the compound but can only take a few steps before they begin to walk on each others toes.

"Red Dwarf" 


Can a show that is set 3 million light years from Earth be anymore confined? Dave Lister is the last human being alive and is only left with a hologram of his former

bunkmate, Arnold Rimmer, the ship's computer Holly and the ship's cat to keep him company. When the crew leave the eponymous vessel halfway through the series 

they are forced to call a smaller ship their home. 


"30 Rock"

Trying to work in an office that consists of Tracey Morgan and Jenna Maroney must be complete torture for the employees of 30 Rockefeller plaza. Their continuous exploits must make the walls seem like they are glued together and given the other extravagant characters like Liz, Frank and Kenneth who work there it is a miracle that any work gets done.

"The Office."

The mockumentary format has exploded over the last decade and to make these shows more authentic they are filmed in authentic locations. Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais' era-defining comedy was filmed within an office block in Slough, England and it was because of this that the show became the success that it was.