There's just something uniquely special about British comedy. Maybe it's the way those shows get away with jokes Americans can only dream of creating. These Brits are brash and outlandish. They're not afraid to go to great lengths to make a joke. The traditions started by Benny Hill and Monty Python carry on with these six funny shows. The characters in "Peep Show" will look familiar to anyone who ever enjoyed "The Odd Couple." And "The Office," well, "The Office's" success has been replicated in the U.S., and the show has even lasted longer than the original.

"Peep Show"

If you've ever been in college, or if you're in college right now, "Peep Show" was made  for you. It looks in on the lives of two roommates. Like a younger "Odd Couple," Jeremy is lazy and messy, while Mark is the got-it-together guy. If you want it, Hulu has got the whole show available. What happens when opposites attract? What happens when opposites butt heads? Well, both of these problems arise often during this series.

"Black Books"


Search for "Black Books" online, and you'll find this funny show that was created by the same maker of The IT Crowd. Instead of the IT department of the corporate world, this series explores the life of Bernard, an unfriendly bookshop owner. He's the kind of guy that would just prefer to be left alone. Who knew a show about a bookworm could be so darn funny?



Are you a fan of "Shaun of the Dead" and/or "Hot Fuzz"? If so, you already know Simon Pegg. Well, Peg co-wrote Spaced. It's the "Star Trek" for fans of comedy, and available online. Maybe space is the final frontier of comedy?

Garth Marenghi’s "Darkplace"

Garth Marenghi parodies low budget horror TV programs. Its star, writer Garth Marenghi, explores his fictional horror TV show, which he considers to be a lost classic. It's shot poorly on purpose for comedic effect. TV is never funnier than when it's making fun of itself, which happens here.

"The Office"

If you're a fan of NBC's American version of "The Office," you owe yourself the favor of enjoying the original. Ricky Gervais stars in this show he created. It's office politics with an especially British spin. The American version may have more episodes, but the British version still may be better.

"That Mitchell and Webb Look"


If you fondly recall "The Kids in the Hall," by all means seek out That Mitchell and Webb Look. It stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb, the Mitchell and Webb in the title, who are also the two stars of "Peep Show." This show has a lot of great sketch comedy, which reveals how well Mitchell and Webb think on their feet.